Suspect Violently Ejected From Cop Car In Wreck (Video)

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A teenager was violently ejected out of the back window of a police car during an accident in Jonesboro, Arkansas, on Aug. 18 (video below).

The cruiser's back seat surveillance camera filmed Logan Younger squirming loose from his handcuffs, pulling out a lighter and attempting to light the police car interior, notes NEA Report.

However, before he is able to complete the task, the police car suddenly crashes, and Younger is seen flying out the window.

The drama didn't end there.

Facebook user Kelly Gregson Taylor filmed Younger fleeing the accident on foot, with police and witnesses in hot pursuit, reports KAIT.

Meanwhile, officer Justin Thompson was trapped in his patrol car, and the Jonesboro Fire Department had to forcibly remove him from the vehicle. Thompson was subsequently flown to a hospital in Memphis for treatment.

Police eventually caught Younger and took him to a local medical facility before transporting him to the Craighead County Detention Center.

Authorities charged him with escape, public intoxication, fleeing on foot and possession, notes NEA Report.

The incident reportedly began when Thompson answered a call about an intoxicated person at a local mall, which is where he arrested Younger.

The exact cause of the accident is being investigated, but a dash cam video shows Thompson driving in the middle lane between traffic on both sides, swerving to the left, then to the right and spinning out of control.

Bystander Collin Cooper said he heard the crash while inside a furniture store.

"I didn't know really what was going on," Cooper recalled. "They just kept pouring cop cars and there were like 3 ambulances here. I wasn't sure until I saw them bring the guy back."

Cooper said he saw police officers chasing after Younger.

Interior Of Cruiser During Accident

Dash Cam Of Accident

News Report, Foot Chase

Sources: NEA Report, KAIT / Photo Credit: Jonesboro Police Department via YouTube

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