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Suspect Took Female Cop Hostage, Threatened Her With Hepatitis-Infected Syringe

A British convict with tattoos all over his face was sentenced to two years in jail for taking a female police officer hostage with five knives and a syringe he claimed was infected with hepatitis C.

Ian Lewell, 41, allegedly refused to release PC Laura Furby during a standoff in Guernsey in October 2013.

When her colleagues, wearing riot gear, tried to rescue her, Lewell threw a fire extinguisher at them as they mounted the starts of his apartment building.

Furby managed to escape when Lewell later fell asleep.

When officers entered his home he lunged at them with the syringe. He was Tasered and taken into custody. No one had been stuck with the allegedly tainted weapon.

Guernsey's Royal Court sentenced Lewell to two years in jail on Tuesday.

The court heard that he had taken pills and injected himself with medication before he grabbed Furby. Lewell suffers from mental illness and has a string of previous convictions.

Furby had agreed to go into the home to speak with the suspect because she had met him before.

“I went back into the hallway and I was now about a foot away from Lewell, who had the knives clutched in his left hand,” she said in a witness statement. “He began puffing out his chest and began looking into my face with a scary intensity. He then said to me ‘You cannot leave, I'm not going to go calmly, they can come and get me.’

“I felt a draining from my head to my toes and a deep-rooted feeling that everything was about to go wrong,” Furby added.

After the incident, Lewell spent a week in the hospital in an induced coma because he had vomited into his lungs.

He pleaded guilty to assaulting a police officer, although he denied that he meant to harm Furby.

Sources: Daily Mail, Guernsey Press

Image credit: Guernsey Police


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