Suspect Tased 18 Times by Police, Man Filming It Gets Roughed Up By Cops (Video)


A video recently surfaced on the web that may be an instance of police brutality and censorship by law enforcement officers.

According to, where the video (below) was posted last night, "A witness, who filmed the ordeal, claims the SPD (Springfield Police Department) tased the man on the ground 18 times." reports that two policeman in Springfield, Ill., tased the male suspect multiple times while a friend or family member filmed the incident.

The man filming the tasing says, “Don’t worry, about it, suing the f*** out of you all... You all just tased him all those g------ times, yeah, gotcha! I got all of it!"

After being tased, the suspect tells the police, “Can I get water, I’m going to die, I swear to God.”

The police tell the suspect that he's not going to die, but the man filming counters, "Yes you is. You're trying to kill him! You trying to kill him! We fixin' to get some money off their a--. You all just tased him 18 g---- times."

Suddenly, more police officers enter the scene and yell at the man filming the incident to "step back... You d--- fool, get the f---- back."

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