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Suspect to Police: 'I Have a Gun in My Ass'

Police responded to a call in Lawndale, Ill., after a report of shots fired. Witnesses told police that they saw an altercation between six men, which ended when one of the men fired two warning shots into the air.

Police eventually caught up to 20-year-old Marco Alvarado during the investigation. When the police approached Alvarado, the suspect allegedly kept his hands behind his back and refused to remove them when police asked him to. He also kept swaying back and forth “in a rapid fashion,” according to the report.

When police expressed their intent to bring Alvarado in on custody and traffic violations, Alvarado said, "I'm going to be real with you, I have the gun in my a--.” That’s about as real as it gets.

Officers then searched Alvarado and found a gun cradled between his cheeks.

Alvarado later confessed to shooting the gun into the air, arguing that he had to shoot the gun in order to protect his friend. He is being held on a $20,000 bail.

It is currently unclear whether Alvarado will have to defend himself in court for firing his weapon. Based on the eyewitness account, it is reasonable to believe Alvarado genuinely was attempting to protect himself and his friends by firing the weapon.

The charges that relate to discharging the weapon could be dropped, but the other crimes are another matter entirely. Concealed carry laws have not yet been enacted in Illinois, so hiding a gun inside one’s buttocks likely constitutes a violation of the state’s current concealed carry laws.

Should the police throw the book at Alvarado? Or, considering that news agencies across America are featuring this story, do you think that he’s already suffered enough?

Source: Redeyechicago


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