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'I'm Innocent': Detroit Gang Rape Suspect Turns Himself In To Police (Video)

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A third man suspected of raping and attacking couples in Detroit is now in custody after he turned himself into police.

However, before getting to jail, Chico Bruce went to Fox News and argued his case (video below).

“They got me on the run for something I haven’t done,” Bruce said. “Why wouldn’t I turn myself in.”

Bruce added that he had nothing to hide as he stood with the aid of crutches next to his newborn baby. Bruce even said a prayer before he left Fox News and turned himself in at the Wayne County Jail.

During the past few months, several armed men have pushed couples into alleyways to rob, beat and rape them. The suspects reportedly stole cell phones from both men and women, then raped the women.

Police believe that up to six men are responsible for the attacks in Detroit during three separate incidents. However, not all suspects were involved in an attack during the same time.

Last week, two suspects were arrested in connection to the attacks: 17-year-old Jordan Reese and 18-year-old Antoine Orr. On Monday, police released a picture of Bruce and pinned him as a suspect.

Bruce has insisted that he was with his girlfriend and family at the time of the attacks. Although he admitted that he knew one of the suspects from his old neighborhood, he vowed that he hadn’t been associated with the attacks.

“I’ve never been in a gang. I’m not in a gang. It isn’t me,” Bruce said. “I’m innocent. I want a lie detector test, everything.”

According to Bruce, he has a record of retail crimes for which he is currently on probation. However, he has never committed a violent crime in his past.

Police are currently investigating the events and possible gang activity. It’s believed that the attacks may have been a gang initiation, since several gangs are connected to Six Mile Road. Police are attempting to narrow down which gang may have been associated with the attacks.

Sources: Fox News, WXYZ

Photo Credit: Fox News 


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