Christopher Cain Arrested: Videotaped Gay Beating of Brandon White

Atlanta police picked up one of three men suspected in the homophobic beating of Brandon White (left), 20.

Christopher Cain (right), 18, was videotaped assaulting White along with two other assailants outside of a convenience store in a blue collar Atlanta neighborhood. Police arrested Cain on charges of aggravated assault and robbery.

Stricken by shame and guilt, White did not initially report the incident. Only after a web video of his attack went viral did the young victim come forward. The video showed three men, one suspected to be Cain, shouting insults and gay epithets at White while punching and kicking him on the ground.

White says that he couldn't even bring himself to watch the video at first. The whole incident left him feeling humiliated. But publicity, resulting from the video's dissemination, forced him to come forward.

Community members, including Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed, rallied around Brandon White in the wake of the beating. The Mayor even doubled the $10,000 reward for information leading to an arrest.

"If a straight person can walk to the store, I should be able to do the same thing. I could have died that day. They are monsters. At this point I am beyond mad," CNN quotes Brandon White as saying.

Police hope Cain will provide them with information that will lead to the arrest of his two suspected accomplices.


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