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Sushi Chef Allegedly Stabbed Coworker In Fargo Restaurant For Touching Him

A sushi chef in North Dakota is facing felony assault charges after he allegedly stabbed his fellow sushi chef while they were working Sunday afternoon.

Lin Zhong, 31, of Flushing, N.Y., allegedly stabbed his colleague, Long Gao, for touching him while they stood in their small 6-by-10-foot sushi bar at Osaka Restaurant in Fargo.

Zhong had previously complained to his manager, Jian Zhou, about not wanting a coworker to touch him.

Zhou told police that Zhong, who had only started working there several days before, previously had gotten into an altercation with Gao in which it was necessary to forcibly separate the two men.

Gao, through an interpreter, told authorities he likes working with Zhong. He had even complimented him on a piece of sushi he made on Sunday. But Zhong either misinterpreted or misheard the compliment and became angry.

Gao says he pushed Zhong away, and Zhong backed up.

Then he allegedly grabbed a 12-inch, wooden handled sushi knife and thrust it at Gao.

Luckily, Gao stepped back, getting slashed on the hip instead of stabbed in the stomach.

Zhong told police he didn’t mean to stab Gao and that Gao had punched him the kidney.

He says he didn’t walk away from the argument because he feared if he did, Gao would continue to touch him all the time like he had the previous day.

Zhong was charged with one count of aggravated assault and booked into Cass County jail. His bail was set at $20,000.

His next court appearance is May 1.

Sources: Pioneer Press, WDAZ


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