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The Sushi Bar in Alexandria, Va. Bans Kids

A new restaurant in the Del Ray neighborhood of Alexandria, Va., has placed a ban on anyone under the age of 18. 

As their Twitter page description reads, The Sushi Bar, which opened its doors on June 1, is “one of the first kid free restaurants in the DC Area.” They urge patrons to “get a sitter & join us SOON!”

Speaking from personal experience, owner Mike Anderson explains his reasons for issuing the prohibition,saying“we thought, ‘These poor parents—they’re helicopter parents, God love ’em—they’re always doing this and that with their kids, and we thought, they need a break.’ Not so much a break from their kids, but adjoining kids.” The owner has three of his own children, though only two of them are eligible to come to the restaurant under its 18-and-over rules.

So far, the quieted-down atmosphere has for the most part left patrons feeling satisfied. Anderson says “Couples have been loving it—we think we’re on the right track.” A few comments on the restaurant’s Facebook page, however, have shown a bit more reluctance. One post, for example, reads that the restaurant’s rule “once again, makes me long for an unlike button! Banning people under the age of 18 smacks of a publicity stunt - and you've certainly accomplished that.” 

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