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Survey: Three Percent Of Men Would Break Up With Current Love For New iPhone

A survey has found that a brand new iPhone 5 might be more intriguing than a love interest to a small percentage of men.

The Blaze reports that a survey, which was done by a website in the United Kingdom, found that one in eight men would select a new iPhone over a girlfriend and that three percent of respondents would dump their current love interest for the new iPhone.

Apparently, a new smartphone, even if it’s not the iPhone, would be a good enough reason for some men to end their relationships.

Five percent of those surveyed indicated they would be willing to end their relationship in order to get a smartphone not made by Apple, according to The Telegraph.

The survey’s findings come from the website, which asked more than 500 men to share their opinions.

"There’s been so much excitement building up around the release of the iPhone 5 with many believing it the ultimate smartphone,” said a spokesperson for the website. “Nevertheless, you don’t expect to see one in eight men prepared to forgo love, or in the case of three per cent, ditch their current partner to get their hands on one.”

The spokesperson understands the excitement for the new iPhone, but wonders about giving up love for it.

“The Apple product has a wide variety of functions but even the iPhone’s most recent incarnation can’t offer some of the things that romance can.”

Sources: The Blaze, The Telegraph


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