Survey Reveals Which U.S. States Have The Rudest Drivers (Map)


We all know that the road is full of ticked off and impatient drivers.

Just try switching lanes on a busy street. You might look over and see 20 feet of open lane and think you’re good to get over. But the second you turn on your turn signal, that person who was 20 feet back comes speeding up and closes whatever opening was there. Do they suddenly care about being 20 feet further up the road? No. They just know that you sure as hell aren’t getting in front of them. Such is life in a world of always-running-late, over-caffeinated motorists.

Now, I’m sure you’ve wondered at some point which areas of the country are home to the rudest drivers. Good news: we’ve got the answer.

Consumer insurance website recently conducted a survey identifying where the rudest drivers in the country reside. They surveyed 2,000 drivers, half men and half women, and used Census Bureau data to make sure they had a representative survey sample from around the country.

The survey found that Idaho, of all places, is home to the nation’s rudest drivers. A few more expected names – Washington D.C. and New York – came in at numbers two and three, respectively.

Here, courtesy of, is the full top 10:

10. Utah

9. Nevada

8. New Jersey

7. Delaware (Tie)

7. Vermont (Tie)

5. Massachusetts

4. Wyoming

3. New York

2. Washington D.C.

1. Idaho

Here's a full form



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