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Surveillance Video of Retired Cop Shooting Man in Florida Movie Theater

A surveillance video of retired police officer Curtis Reeves allegedly shooting and killing Chad Oulson at the Cobb Grove 16 Movieplex in Wesley Chapel, Fla. on Jan. 13 was released today during Reeves' bond hearing.

The video (below) only partially shows Reeves, 71, as he allegedly shot Oulson who throws a bag of popcorn and a cell phone at him, notes

Moments earlier, Reeves had approached Oulson and told him to stop texting on his cell phone during movie previews.

"I came out of my pocket with it. I didn't mean to do that.... I've counseled cops.... I guess you could say I was scared [expletive]," Reeves told police after the shooting.

Witnesses said Oulson told Reeves, “If it was any of your f------ business, I was texting my daughter. Stay the hell out of my face.”

In court, Reeves' lawyers claimed their client feared for his life and was justified in gunning down the unarmed Oulson.

Reeves' attorneys said that Oulson committed the first crime by attacking an elderly person, a felony in Florida, notes My Fox Tampa Bay.

“[Reeves] just sat in his chair, he just kind of leaned back and just sat there, didn’t try to help,” Nicole Oulson told police after shooting. “As all the chaos was going on, he was just sitting there.”

According to the Christian Science Monitor, Reeves has been charged with second-degree murder of Oulson and aggravated assault of Nicole, who tried to protect her husband with her hand, which the bullet first passed through.

"[Reeves' wife] said that was no cause to shoot anyone,” witness Alan Hamilton told the court. “And then [Reeves] leaned back around and stuck his finger out as to scold her and said, 'You shut your [expletive] mouth and don't say another word.’”

Judge Pat Siracusa denied bail for Reeves, but said that should not be seen as a sign of guilt.

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