Surveillance Video: Detroit Cop Slugs Man in Casino


A Michigan man is suing the city of Detroit and two of its police officers after an officer slugged him in the face, breaking his nose. The man has a pretty good piece of evidence to back up his lawsuit -- surveillance video of the incident.

The Detroit Free Press reports that on July 30, Patrick Poisson was asked to leave the MGM Grand casino in Detroit after allegedly touching a waitress inappropriately. He wouldn't leave, so police were called.

The video shows two officers escorting Poisson out when he stopped and yelled at one of the cops. That's when Officer Arthur Dudal reared back at punched Poisson twice in the face. Poisson went down in a heap. The video also shows Dudal striking him twice in the side while trying to handcuff Poisson while was down on the ground, fracturing two ribs

Two days later a warrant was issued for Poisson's arrest -- claiming that he tried to hit the officer first, as well as a charge for the alleged incident with the waitress.

The waitress declined to press charges, and prosecutors dropped the assault charge after reviewing the video.

"The police flat-out lied to cover up what happened. Anybody who looks at it will see the officer sucker punch my client," Poisson's attorney Wolfgang Mueller said. “They charged my guy with assault on a police officer because the officer hurt his hand when he was punching my client? That’s pretty much how egregious it is.”

The suit seeks unspecified damages. 


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