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Surveillance Footage Shows UPS Driver Kicking Small White Dog Before Attacking Owner (Video)

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A California dog owner is up in arms after a UPS driver allegedly kicked his dog in the chest.

Tim Paulsen works at a senior living center in California, KSBY reported. When he decided to bring his dogs to comfort some of the Alzheimer’s patients, he never expected for one of his canines to be abused by a package deliveryman.

“Honestly, I thought he’d killed the dog,” Paulsen told KSBY. He described how on May 28, his small white dog Patch ran up to a UPS driver and the driver then allegedly kicked the animal and shoved Paulsen (video below).

“When I saw [the driver] spin around like that, I thought, ‘Oh man, that’s it,'" Paulsen said.

“That guy came out of nowhere, like a tornado," he added.

In the video surveillance footage, the driver can be seen kicking the dog in the chest. The dog then rolls to the ground and runs away.

“He didn’t say a word,” Paulsen said. “I wasn’t prepared for it.”

The man also reportedly attacked Paulsen.

“He just clobbered me twice, not once,” Paulsen said.

Paulsen can be seen on the footage with clenched fists.

“It was a reaction,” Paulsen said. “I said, ‘Hey man, I was sitting right there,’ and that’s when he just clobbered me right here.

“[The driver] did say he’s been attacked before. He was telling me how much he hates dogs and that he would kick me too.”

UPS representative Dan Cardillo released a statement regarding the incident: “UPS does not condone this driver’s behavior and took disciplinary action. We have contacted the customer and apologized.”

Paulsen said he hopes that this incident will serve as a warning to other pet owners. He also hopes that UPS will “reevaluate this driver. He definitely needs some sort of therapy.”

Battery charges have been filed against the UPS driver. 

Source: SpringfieldNewsSun, KSBY

Photo Credit: KSBY


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