Surveillance Footage Shows Three Children Shocked In Swimming Pool (Video)

Disturbing surveillance footage of a Florida swimming pool shows the moment three children were shocked by an improperly wired pool pump.

Footage of the April 27 in accident was released this week.

A group of people, mostly children, were swimming at a Hialeah condominium complex.

In the video, a little girl touches the metal handrail of the pool and suddenly freezes. Her muscles paralyzed by the electric shock, her head dips back.

When a man sitting on the steps realizes something is wrong he yanks the paralyzed girl out of the water.

As everyone runs from the pool, they fail to notice another child also immobilized by the shock. She lies motionless in the water by the steps. Finally a man spots her floating there and risks his own life to pull her out.

A third child was also shocked near the pool railing.

"I was in the pool and then the metal railing, I was swimming close to it and I felt a shock," Diego Cabrera, 10, told Local 10.

All three children spent four nights in a local hospital.

Hialeah city inspectors blamed the hazard on unpermitted electrical work.

So far no official code violations or fines have been issued to the property owners, according to Local 10.

Sources: News 965, Local 10


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