Surveillance Footage Shows Elderly Woman Trying To Choke A Baby In His Stroller (Video)

Police are searching for an elderly woman who tried to choke a 1-year-old baby boy in a crowded central London drugstore, the Metropolitan Police reports.

The incident occurred midday on Jan. 16. A mother entered a Boots store in the Strand, pushing her baby’s stroller. Closed circuit TV cameras captured a woman wearing a striped poncho overcoat and an ear-flapped deerstalker hat walking directly behind the mother (video below).

The second the mother turns her back to the baby, the older woman is seen reaching into the stroller.

At first, the mother thought the older woman was just going to look and fuss over the baby but when she turned around, she realized the strange woman was strangling her child.

The mother was able to stop the attack almost immediately. She pulled the older woman’s arm away from her child as a security guard approached the scene.

Stunned shoppers watched as the elderly woman was being led out of the store. She uttered, “That baby would rather be dead,” as she shamelessly made her way out.

The assaulter was described as a white woman in her early 60s, 5 feet 2 inches with a chubby build. She had light colored hair and some sort of “boil or eye deformity on her face,” according to authorities.

The woman was last seen walking off onto Trafalgar Square. Police are asking for any witnesses with information regarding the attack or the suspect to contact them.

Sources: NY Daily News, Metopolitan Police UK / Photo Credit: Screenshot from YouTube 

Sources: NY Daily NewsMeto Police UK / Photo Credit: Screenshot from YouTube 


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