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Surveillance Footage Could Lead Police To Person Who Viciously Murdered Jessica Chambers (Video)

The Mississippi teen who was brutally burned alive by an unknown perpetrator was seen on CCTV footage waving to someone just before her death.

Earlier this week, Opposing Views told you about Jessica Chambers, the Mississippi teen who was doused in flammable liquid and set on fire in a brutal act of murderous rage. Now, police are examining surveillance footage from the scene to determine who the person responsible could be and why they did what they did.

According to reports, Chambers left her home on Saturday night to clean her car and get something to eat, but while out, she was likely bashed in the head before having accelerant poured down her nose and throat and being set on fire. By the time emergency response crews arrived at the scene, Chambers was nearly dead, but she stayed alive long enough to give police a name. Authorities have yet to disclose the name to anyone, even Chambers’ parents, but now, surveillance footage could provide police with even more clues that will hopefully lead them to the suspect.

In the newly released CCTV video, Chambers is seen at a nearby gas station stopping to wave at someone before walking out of the camera’s range towards the person. Reports say that the video was captured 90 minutes before she was found on fire with burns covering 98 percent of her body, and Chambers’ father says that he hopes it provides clues that will lead to his daughter’s murderer.

“Some people are saying she stopped by a party after that,” Ben Chambers, Jessica’s father, told the Huffington Post. “We think whoever called her over to them was asking her to go to that party, because where she was found and where the party was aren't very far apart.”

It’s not clear if Jessica did in fact go to the party, but her badly burned, nearly dead body was discovered not far from where the supposed party took place.

Police say they are confident that the latest trail of clues will lead them to the person responsible for the 19-year-old’s gruesome death, and Ben Chambers says he hopes they will get answers sooner rather than later.

“They promise me things are looking good — they got folks going in any different directions,” Chambers said, according to the NY Daily News, “so we hope to know something before the day is over.”

Sources: NY Daily News, The Independent, ABC News / Photo Source: The Independent


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