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Police Searching For Group Of Teens That Attacked A 15-Year-Old Boy On A Subway Platform (Video)

Several Philadelphia teenagers have been arrested after attacking another teen on a subway platform, Fox 29 reports.

Surveillance footage (video below) captured the moment a group of teens approached and relentlessly attacked another teenager as he was waiting for his train on the Broad Street line near Locust.

The March 19 incident left the 15-year-old victim’s mother in shock.

“It’s senseless — it really doesn’t make any sense to me,” the woman, who wished to remain unidentified, told Fox 29. “Kids, sometimes, they seem like they don’t have any sense of direction.”

Police said the victim and a group of teens exchanged words with another group of teenagers while walking on Broad Street near the station. Then everyone scattered.

Following the confrontation, the victim made his way into the subway station to catch his train home when the other group of teenagers spotted him. They attacked the 15-year-old boy and chased him away from the camera’s view.

According to Fox 29, two or three suspects were arrested by police at street level. Police are now searching for the rest of the teens involved in the assault.

The victim was taken to Jefferson Hospital with multiple injuries sustained from the beating. The incident has many subway passengers concerned for their safety.

“I hate taking the subway or any public transportation when school's out,” a passenger told Fox 29. “Kids are always rowdy.”

Source: Fox 29

Photo Credit: Screenshot from YouTube


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