Group Caught On Camera Attacking Missouri Couple (Video)


Police in Springfield, Missouri are searching for a group of men that were caught on camera assaulting a couple as they walked down the street.

It all started when victim Meredith Cole was outside a club that her boyfriend Alex was working at as a DJ on the night in question. While she was standing outside, Cole was allegedly sexually assaulted by a group of men. The shaken woman went inside the club to tell Alex what had happened to her and the couple went outside together.

When Alex and his girlfriend exited the club, surveillance video captured the group launching a vicious attack on the couple. Out of nowhere, the men begin to assault both Meredith and Alex, and the attack lasts under a minute.

Just before the video ends, the group of men can be seen running out of the frame while two police officers chase after them.

Meredith Cole and her boyfriend Alex were both treated at a hospital for minor injuries, and now, police are actively searching for the responsible men. Authorities hope that the surveillance footage will help lead them to the perpetrators.

Take a look at the disturbing clip below.

Sources: KY3 News, KSPR, Top Conservative News


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