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Woman Sentenced After Poisoning Coworker's Water Bottle

A Maryland hair salon worker was sentenced to 10 days in jail and 18 months of probation after she pleaded guilty to attempting to poison her coworker.

Luz Lemonfield, 28, admitted to pouring a skincare product into her coworker's water bottle in an act of retaliation. The incident took place in October 2015 and was captured on surveillance video, according to WUSA.

In the video, Lemonfield can be seen pouring a drying lotion into her colleague's water bottle. She then puts the cap back on, shakes the bottle and places it back where she found it.

The victim, Sofia Santa Cruz, fell ill after drinking from the bottle and was taken to the hospital in an ambulance.

Lemonfield's attorney said his client did not intend to kill or seriously harm her coworker.

"The victim spit in her lunch, the pasta, and then in retaliation my client poured the skin care product into her water bottle the next day," Jim Schalleck said, according to WTTG. "It was wrong. Stupid. She admits it, but she did not mean to kill her or to cause serious physical injury. She just wanted to get back at her."

The conflict allegedly began when Santa Cruz made unwanted advances toward Lemonfield at a party. Lemonfield alleges she rejected the advances, which made Santa Cruz upset.

The victim told WUSA she was not satisfied with the judge's sentence. She said she does not think Lemonfield's apologies were sincere.

"I hope she learns," she said.

Although the state originally pushed for an 18-month jail sentence, they are reportedly satisfied with the outcome.

"Justice was served and she'll not do it again," Ramon Korionoff of the State's Attorney's Office said, according to WUSA.

Korionoff's words echo those of the judge, who does not think Lemonfield is likely to reoffend and believes the ordeal taught her a valuable lesson.

Following her arrest, Lemonfield completed an anger management course in addition to eight hours of community service. She also wore an ankle bracelet for six months.

Sources: WUSA, WTTG / Photo credit: Mallory Hughes/KPIR via WUSA

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