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'It's Just Terrifying': Surveillance Footage Captures Man Asking 6-Year-Old Girl For Help (Video)

A surveillance camera at Bethany Walsh’s home in Henry County, Georgia, caught who she believes is a would-be kidnapper trying to lure her 6-year-old daughter into a vehicle (video below).

The video shows the driver approaching the little girl after a school bus driver dropped her off at home, FOX Carolina reported.

According to the police report, the driver said, "Hello, can you help me?” and the girl replied, “No,” 11 Alive reported.

He then asked her to come closer, but the little girl walked into her home instead.

The driver is described as a white man with brown hair and glasses.

"It's just terrifying to even think about what could've happened to her," Walsh told FOX Carolina.  "There was no doubt in my mind that this man was trying to coerce my child to get in the car with him.

"He was asking for her help. What is a 6-year-old going to help you with?"

Henry County Police Cpt. Joey Smith says the incident looks suspicious.

"That doesn't look right," he told 11 Alive. "Adults have no reason to be asking kids, especially that young, for directions or anything else."

Police are investigating the incident.

"Somebody out there knows who this is and really needs to report this man before he takes someone else's child, or tries to take someone else's child,” Walsh told FOX Carolina. "I want to do everything I can to prevent anyone else from having to go through this or worse."

Sources: FOX Carolina, 11 Alive / Photo credit: 11 Alive


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