Man In Airport Caught On Camera 'Sucker Punching' The Wrong Guy (Video)

A man caught on surveillance video throwing a “sucker punch” at another man in the Salt Lake City International Airport is likely regretting his decision today after he was thrown to the ground by his victim and eventually arrested.

The video (shown below) shows the two men coming off an escalator, talking and walking next to one another. The man on the left is carrying a skateboard. When it appears the two men are about to split up and walk in different directions, the man carrying the skateboard reaches out and delivers a punch to the other man’s stomach. 

The man who was punched is named Chad Hurst, and the next thing shown in the video is Hurst grabbing the skateboarder and throwing him to the ground. 

It’s something Hurst was trained to do. 

“In a former life I was a corrections officer, about 10 years ago, and my training was never to punch back. It was to control the situation and to take the person down,” Hurst explained in an interview aired by KCNC News.

Hurst said the two men were on a flight together from Denver when he asked the skateboarder to stop using foul language. The argument continued after the plane landed, but Hurst said he never thought it would come to blows. 

“It was clearly a sucker punch,” Hurst can be heard saying in raw footage of his interview published on YouTube. “I was not expecting that.”

Hurst held the other man on the ground until airport police could arrive. The police can be seen in the video taking the skateboarder into custody. 

He was later charged with assault and public intoxication. His name has not been released. 

Hurst works as an advertising and portrait photographer out of Salt Lake City, according to his Twitter account. 

A few of his followers recognized him from news stories and sent out tweets calling him the “good guy” and a “hero.”

In subsequent tweets Hurst took the opportunity to clarify at least one news report and tell his side of the story as well as plug his business. 

“I never ‘ordered’ him to do anything,” he wrote in one tweet. “I asked him kindly to stop being vulgar.”

“I wish I was getting this kind of publicity for my website chadhurst.com and not for getting hit,” he said in another. 

Sources: KCNC NewsYouTubeTwitter: Chad Hurst

Photo Credit: Screen shot from YouTube



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