Surveillance, Body Cam Capture Nevada Police Officer Saving a Choking Boy's Life (Video)


Surveillance video shows a police officer in Mesquite, Nevada, saving the life of a child who was choking on a piece of candy at a convenience store.

When the Mesquite Police Department received a call on Dec. 15 about an emergency at the Green Valley Grocery, it was initially unclear just exactly was happening. All that could be heard from the store’s end of the phone was a mother screaming and begging for someone to help her 3-year-old child, who was at this point semiconscious after choking on the candy.

Officer Quinn Averett, who works with Mesquite’s K-9 unit, was on his way home from work when he heard the call over his radio. Averett was less than a block away from the store, and although he was unsure as to what the situation was, he decided to respond.

“I was only a block away after my shift so I hurried over," Averett told The Spectrum. “I didn't know what was going on, but I was close."

Averett arrived at the store to find the boy’s father holding him and his mother in a panic. He quickly grabbed the child and worked to remove the jawbreaker candy from his airway, finally succeeding after about a minute. Averett, according to FOX 5 Las Vegas, had first aid training.

“I was scared for a minute there, I couldn't get it out and he wouldn't start breathing,” Averett said.

The entire ordeal was caught on store surveillance video, as well as on video from Averett’s body cam. The Mesquite Police Department has reportedly only recently begun supplying body cameras for its officers.

Watch the remarkable video below.

Sources: FOX 5 Las Vegas, The Spectrum / Photo Credit: 


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