Surrogate Mom Gets Unexpected News After Giving Birth To Baby With Down Syndrome


A 21-year-old Thai surrogate mother says an Australian family abandoned their Down Syndrome baby and took his healthy sister home with them.

Pattaramon Chanbua is struggling to raise baby Gammy herself. Gammy has a life-threatening heart condition and requires expensive treatments.

Chanbua agreed to be the surrogate for an Australian family who promised to pay her $16,000.

"Because of the poverty and debts and the money that was offered was a lot for me. In my mind, with that money we can educate our children and repay our debt," she told ABC News.

When she gave birth to twins, one of the babies had Down Syndrome. The couple went back to Australia with the healthy girl and left Gammy behind.

"I felt sorry for the boy. It was like this is the adults' fault and who is he to have to endure something like this even though it's not his fault?" Chanbua said. "Why does he have to be abandoned while the other baby has it easy?

"I treat him like my other children, never think you are not my child and I don't care for you, never," she added.

An online fundraising site for Gammy’s medical treatment has raised more than $60,000.

Sources: Mail

Image screenshot ABC News


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