Support For Trump Surges Nationwide


Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has more than double the support nationwide of any of his competitors for the GOP nomination, .

According to a new Morning Consult poll conducted Feb. 10-11, Trump receives 44 percent of support from self-identified Republicans and Republican-leaning Independents. Sen Ted Cruz of Texas has 17 percent, Ben Carson and Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida both have 10 percent, former Gov of Florida Jeb Bush has 8 percent, and Ohio Gov. John Kasich receives 4 percent.

Six percent of respondents “do not know” or have “no opinion” on which candidate they will support.

Trump has 47 percent or more support from Independent voters, those who consider themselves something other than conservative, and those without a college education.

Cruz’s support draws heavily from conservatives and evangelicals, while Rubio has the strongest showing amongst Republican voters who earn more than $100,000 a year.

Trump’s favorability rating among Republicans is 67 percent, with Rubio not far behind at 62 percent, and Cruz at 61 percent.

The favorability rating for Trump is somewhat surprising considering the recent Gallup poll that reported 60 percent of all Americans find him to be the most unpopular candidate of either party.

For the Democratic candidates, Hillary Clinton holds the lead with 46 percent of the vote, but Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont is not far behind at 39 percent, according to the Morning Consult poll.

For voters between the ages of 18 and 29, Sanders has 55 percent of their support, a 19 point lead over Clinton. Voters over the age of 65 favor Clinton.

Sanders edged ahead of Clinton for the first time in a Morning Consult poll in terms of favorability. He is viewed favorably by 78 percent of voters, while Clinton is by 75 percent.

Sanders is the only candidate of both parties who is seen favorably by a majority of voters.

Sources: Morning Consult, Gallup / Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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