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Superhuman Intelligence Could Lead to Evil, Experts Warn

While many sci-fi movies and fans have long believed that superhuman intelligence would benefit the world, two experts have said that it might make the world an evil place.

Mark Changizi, a theoretical neurobiologist, and philosopher Mark Walker, said an excessive amount of intelligence could mean the person would develop maladaptation, anti-social behavior and psychosis.

They said the concept is also difficult as people often define intelligence as something unrelated to empathy and morals.

"Transhumanists, when they say that intelligence ought to be enhanced, almost never mean some kind of social intelligence," Walker said. "They rarely talk about other forms of intelligence, like enhanced empathy, or understanding what it means to promote another person's well-being."

"Just because you have intelligence in the IQ sense doesn't necessarily mean you have a universal instrument to help you get everything else you want in your life."

Changizi said that when people say they would want superhuman intelligence, they usually mean a high IQ. 

He said people also think of intelligence as being particularly good at something, like solving logic problems or playing chess.

And if we were given superhuman intelligence, it would  be almost impossible to enhance all the areas that can constitute as intelligence.

Changizi said that if people were able to boost areas of intelligence that they believed were important, it would result in horrendous outcomes.

Walker said people might make themselves intelligent in mathematics, or a similar subject, but end up lacking in emotional or moral intelligence. 

This, he believes, would result in people using their talents for evil.

Even worse, because the brain is not designed to be super intelligent, it might react to being boosted by turning psychotic.

Walker believes the solution is simple: to boost people's ability to be happy instead of boosting their intelligence.

He said people who are happiest are most successful in many areas of their life, including relationships, work and social lives.

Sources: Daily Mail,iO9


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