'Super Replicas' Auto Company, Accused of Scam, Can't Start Cars (Video)

Super Replicas is a company based in Panama that claims to manufacture exact replicas of high-end sports cars such as Ferraris and Lamborghinis for only a fraction of the real cars' cost.

Super Replicas claims its low prices are possible by building its cars in Mexico via NAFTA agreements and by using parts that are purchased at manufacturer cost.

Jalopnik.com reports that Ryan Grassley, an ex-Panama resident, was able to shoot some video at a Super Replicas storage facility, which houses at least two cars.

On the video (below), the cars do not start after multiple attempts. That said, there is no proof that Super Replicas actually built these vehicles.

Jalopnik.com notes, "All the images of cars shown on Super Replicas' websites are of actual cars, taken from other sites, not their own replicas. And in more than a year's worth of research, Jalopnik has never found a single satisfied Super Replicas customer, let alone a buyer who has received any kind of car at all."

Grassley, who uses the handle "AltThrottle," wrote on his YouTube Page:

Unedited footage from my time at a Super Replicas warehouse. Sorry about the bumpy/sideways footage. I was "filming casual."

Grassley told Jalopnik.com that he contacted people who claimed they sent money to Super Replicas, but never got their cars. Grassley claims Super Replicas' owner Daniel Seppings lives an extravagant lifestyle.

"I wanted to embarrass him," Grassley said. "I wanted to shut him down. He has a really nice house in Panama, a really big house, because people send him so much money."

BananamaRepublic.com reported in 2013 that companies Top Gear Racing, Super Replicas Reloaded, Corporation and Super Replicas World and Sociedad Anonima all list Seppings as a director.

BananamaRepublic.com and Jalopnik.com describe Seppings as an Australian citizen with a bizarre past of extreme religiosity and scams.

Sources: Jalopnik.com and BananamaRepublic.com


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