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Super Bowl Gun Commercial Banned, Fox News Host Says Breast Cancer Awareness Made NFL Soft (Video)

After the National Football League rejected a Super Bowl commercial from a gun manufacturer for violating its gun policy, Fox News host Andrea Tantaros criticized the league for going soft and becoming “feminized,” citing the pink football gear of the breast cancer awareness campaign.

“The NFL, I understand, are under fire,” said Tantaros. “Their guys wearing the pink cleats and they’ve got the Ravens talking Obamacare. It’s a more feminized, softer NFL. Why don’t they just put away the pig skin, bring out the Nerf ball, play in a bouncy castle? Maybe change the name Dallas Cowboys because Cowboys use gun [sic] to like the Tabby Cats. And Patriots use guns, maybe we can call them the Pamphleteers. Or something, you know, less violent.”

“I mean, it’s absolutely ridiculous, but the NFL, again, more pressure and they’re catering to, as you point out,” she told co-host Greg Gutfeld, “the elitists, the media, people who actually don’t even love football. They’re [real] fans, most of whom probably own guns.”

The NFL policy on commercials states that, “firearms, ammunition or other weapons are prohibited; however, stores that sell firearms and ammunition will be permitted, provided they sell other products and the ads do not mention firearms or other weapons.”

Gun manufacturer Daniel Defense says it believed it had created an ad that complied with the NFL’s gun policy, but the NFL told them otherwise.

Sources: Fox News, Media Matters


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