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Suicide Jumper Kicked Through Window By Brazilian Special Forces (Video)

A suicidal jumper was spotted and detained in Brazil Thursday, after a special forces commando kicked the man back into the building through a window.

The jumper was spotted dangling his legs from a 12th story window of a Brazilian apartment building. Witnesses said it was probably part of a plan to end his life.

Crowds had already gathered below the jumper by the time police arrived and tried to coach the man to safety.

The man resisted the help of police, and it became clear that he had no intention of removing himself from the window sill.

Finally, a special forces commando quickly shimmied down a rope from the roof and kicked the man in the chest, forcing him through the window and back into the building.

Officers secured the man and detained him for questioning.

It is unclear where in Brazil the video was filmed, though it was recorded from an adjacent building.

It is also unclear whether the man sustained an injuries during the event.

Sources: DailyMail, Softpedia


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