Suicide Bomber Targets 'Snitch' in Suburban Pennsylvania Explosion


A man who blew himself up inside his truck outside a Pennsylvania home, injuring two and levelling the house, sought revenge on a man he believed 'snitched' on him.

Brad Kollar, 40, loaded his car with explosives and parked outside of William Shaner's home near Patton, 70 miles east of Pittsburgh. Kollar's death was ruled a suicide by investigators.

Luckily most of the Shaner family was out of the home at the time of the explosion. William Shaner, 44, who was still in bed, sustained a skull fracture, six fractured ribs, and two fractured vertebrae. Undergoing surgery last night, he is listed in critical condition. His son Ryan, who helped his father out of the house after the attack, was treated for minor cuts and scrapes.

Kollar reportedly blamed Shaner for a recent arrest in which Kollar and his father John Kollar, 64, received possession of a controlled substance and chop shop charges. Their home was raided March 16, 2012, and police found what they described as a meth lab, including stolen chemicals, explosives, and vehicles. Kollar believed authorities were tipped off by Shaner.

Both Kollar and his father were out on bail, but Kollar was due in court for sentencing that morning. He faced more than 10 years in jail and a fine up to $100,000.

Instead of going to court, Kollar parked outside of Shaner's Clearfield Township home with explosives strapped to his body, according to police. The blast blew debris as far as 200 yards away.

Shaner was taken to Altoona Regional hospital and then flown to Allegheny General Hospital in Pittsburgh. His wife Linda Shaner had already left to go to work that morning, and the couples' other two sons were not home.

(Daily Mail, WTAE Pittsburgh)


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