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Two Young Boys Slain By Father In Murder-Suicide

Damien Little, 34, committed suicide by plunging his car off the edge of a wharf in Port Lincoln, Australia, on the morning of Jan 4. At the time, his two sons, 4-year-old Koda and 10-month-old Hunter, were in the car, and all three of them died. 

Before Damien drove his car off the edge of the wharf, police say he posted a long suicide note on social media, The Advertiser reported. The contents of the note have not been released to the public.

Damien’s mother, Sue Little, said her son struggled with depression.

“He was very hard on himself,” she told The Advertiser. “He wanted to live a perfect life. Over the past three years, he had a bit of a problem; we had noticed a change. When we saw [it], the whole family tried to help him. He had a lot of people offering help. We tried to help him; we all did. But you can’t help somebody who can’t help himself.”

Despite her son’s struggle, Sue is still at a loss.

“He obviously wasn’t himself that day,” she said. "No one will ever know why he did it. But he is our son, and we loved him dearly.

“He was a beautiful kid; loving, caring. We are just broken. He had a wonderful relationship with his wife. She really is a wonderful lady and a wonderful wife to him ... I never heard him say a bad word against her. They were amazing parents, and she was one of the old-fashioned mothers, in the very best way.”

Damien’s wife, Melissa Little, is a teacher. It is believed she was not involved in the incident, but an investigation is ongoing. The case isn’t being treated as suspicious, Mirror reports.

"It's a tragic case where you've got, we believe, the father and two young children in the vehicle,” Detective Superintendent Paul Yeomans told Mirror. "We are not treating it as an accidental driving-off-the-wharf.

"There was a rifle that was retrieved as part of the retrieval process. Whether that's involved in the incident, I don't know. That'll be subject to the investigation.”

Sources: The Advertiser, Mirror / Photo credit: The Advertiser

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