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Suggested Viewing for Students: George Lucas

My ongoing criticism of films our public schools choose to expose our children to have generated an interesting spectrum of responses.

Most of the comments are in agreement with my assertion that there is an agenda at play, with leftwing ideology being presented as society’s norm. Repeated viewings of movies such as Al Gore’s self-serving PowerPoint presentation ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ and Michael Moore’s factually-inaccurate ‘Sicko’ are just a convenient way to spread the message.

A few responses from the U.S. were incredulous. They simply could not believe that such one-sided movies would be shown in the classroom – in taxpayer funded public schools, no less.

One email in particular tweaked my interest above all others. A response was from a reader in Quebec (I won’t hold that against her) who pulled a ‘put up or shut up’ out of her trick bag.

Pointing out that I have made no secret about films I have issues with, she asked what films I would consider ‘acceptable’ for classroom viewing.

I thought you’d never ask…

THX 1138(1971)

George Lucas’s first feature-length film (developed from his own university student film Electronic Labyrinth: THX 1138 4EB) is a stylish-yet-bleak look at a future dystopian society. Humanity is suppressed by the overpowering government who keeps its citizens controlled by the use of a devotion to a God (‘OMM’) and mandatory narcotics.

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This is a brilliant interpretation of too much government control over its people, and the instinctual desire for freedom and individuality as portrayed by the main character (Robert Duvall). Essentially a cautionary tale against people giving up too much power to their government, so there is no surprise that union teachers won’t show this.....

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