Sugar Baby Travels The World With Married Men

Heidy Pandora, 24, travels around the world with men using the site Miss Travel, but she says she isn't a gold digger.

Pandora, who describes herself as a "full-time traveler," doesn't have a job, but she's managed to travel to over 20 countries with men from the site, and some of them, she said, are married, according to The Sun.

"I don't see it as such a big deal to have sex with married men," said Pandora, who worked as a masseuse before starting her life as a sugar baby. "If they're married and looking somewhere else, they're not happy. Some of them don't have any sexual relationship with their wives anymore."

Sugar babies are people -- usually younger women -- who date older, wealthy men and receive money, gifts, or trips in exchange, according to Vice.

Pandora has gone on trips to places including Hawaii, Thailand, Aruba, and Dubai with men from the website.

Pandora said that she doesn't feel pressure to have sex with the men that she goes on trips with, explaining that if there's a connection, "things happen." But if there is no connection, she says, they simply have fun on the trip and she goes back home.

"I would love to find the one," she added, "but right now I just want to travel and see the world."

Brendon Wade, the CEO of Seeking Arrangement, a site popular in the sugar baby community, has put forth that his website helps young women to become upwardly mobile financially.

A college-aged sugar baby identified only under the pseudonym Natalie Hill said that she originally became interested in Seeking Arrangement because of bills and student loans, according to NYU Local.

"With a sugar daddy, you meet 4x a month and you can make $2000-$5000. It's not enough anymore to wait tables and hope that your tips might pay the electric bill," said Hill. "Tuition rises every year, and every year, I don't know if I will secure enough financial aid. It's one thing to get into NYU and another thing to stay."

For Pandora, at least, she said that travel-dating and the sugar baby lifestyle may have saved her life.

"I suffered from depression for two years straight and I got to the point where I didn't want to live anymore," she said, adding that she had always wanted to travel but couldn't afford to.

"My first trip by myself was to Mexico," said Pandora, who spent a chunk of her $2,500 savings for the trip. "As soon as I saw the blue water, the depression went away. After that I wanted to travel more, but I didn’t know how to."

"Then I came across Miss Travel and I kind of became addicted to it," she said. "It keeps me going in life. I still suffer from depression but it's not as severe and traveling keeps me alive."

Sources: The Sun via New York Post, Vice, NYU Local / Photo credit: Nick Kenrick/Flickr

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