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Suffolk County SPCA Investigates After Dead Dog Washes Up In Lobster Crate

A New York Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals chapter has launched an investigation after a dead dog washed up on the beach in a lobster crate Tuesday night.

The dog, who was wearing a collar, was a pit bull mix, according to CBS News. The animal was found in Long Island in a lobster crate that had been wired closed and contained bricks, said Roy Gross, Suffolk County SPCA chief. The dog seemed to be forced into the cage, he added.

“I guess whoever did this didn’t intend for it to wash ashore, obviously they wanted to sink it if they put bricks in there,” Gross said.

The SPCA will determine whether the case involves animal cruelty following the results of a necropsy. The SPCA is a non-profit organization that aims to combat the inhumane treatment of animals.

Anyone with information can call the Suffolk County SPCA at 631-382-7722.

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Source: CBS News


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