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Sudan Convicts Teen Gang Rape Victim Of ‘Indecent Acts’

A Sudanese court convicted a pregnant 18-year-old girl from Ethiopia of “indecent acts” after a video of her being gang raped was posted online.

The unidentified woman was house-hunting in August when seven men lured her to an empty home and filmed themselves raping her.

She was three months pregnant when the attack occurred.

The video of the attack was posted online in January, leading to her arrest and the arrest of her attackers.

Three of the men admitted to having sex with her and were given 100 lashes. Two people who distributed the video were given 40 lashes.

The woman was later acquitted of adultery, which can carry a death sentence, after she convinced the court she was divorced.

She was convicted of performing “indecent acts” and given a one month suspended sentence due to her pregnancy. She was also fined the equivalent of $880.

The women’s rights group Strategic Initiative for Women in the Horn of Africa (SIHA) says the woman now faces deportation over the conviction.

"The leveling of immigration charges against the victim further denies her protection by the state and protracts the punishment and emotional stress against her whilst she has been subjected to the most brutal of crimes," said regional director of SIHA Hala Elkarib.

Sources: BBC News, Newser


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