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‘Subway Vigilante’ Bernhard Goetz Busted For Selling $30 Worth Of Marijuana To Undercover Cop

Bernhard Goetz, who became a household name nearly 30 years ago when he shot four black teens on a New York City subway, was arrested for selling $30 worth of marijuana to an undercover cop in the city.

The New York Post reports that the 65-year-old Goetz was arrested at 15th Street and Fifth Avenue near his Union Square residence on Friday, police sources said.

Goetz met the undercover female cop on the street, talked with her and walked with her back to his place, where he went upstairs to get the weed.

“He told her he wanted to get high with her and sold her a small amount of pot in a tissue,” a source said.

Goetz, who became known as the “subway vigilante” nearly three decades ago, was arrested when he came back downstairs to give the undercover cop the marijuana.

A doorman who works near Goetz’s building was surprised by the arrest.

“Bernie?” said doorman John D’Antonia. “Oh, come on, they arrested him for that? It’s just pot, they should let him go. People will now probably say he shot those kids because he was high.”

The New York Daily News notes that Goetz fired five shots at Darrell Cabey, Barry Allen, Troy Canty and James Ramseur while riding a No. 2 train under Manhattan back in 1984. All four teens were hit, and Cabey was left paralyzed.

Goetz had been mugged three years earlier on a train and he insisted he was acting in self-defense. A jury acquitted him of attempted murder charges. He was convicted of criminal possession of a weapon in the third degree and sentenced to six months in jail.

Sources: Gothamist, New York Daily News, New York Post


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