Subway Spokesperson Jared Fogle To Journalist: 'Middle School Girls Are Hot'


According to reports, a journalist and former friend of Subway spokesperson Jared Fogle was told by the fast food pitchman that he thought “middle school girls” were “hot.”

The woman, who chose to remain anonymous, said Fogle made the disturbing remark to her off-camera on several different occasions. 

“He said something to me when we were off camera and that really stuck with me,” she said. “I thought to myself, ‘Did he really say that to me?’” She was reportedly so bothered by the comments that she decided to report him to the FBI.

“They weren’t jokes,” she said. “They were very serious ... It goes deeper than that.” The middle school comments were allegedly followed by even more disturbing remarks, which the woman refused to reveal. She eventually aided in an FBI investigation by agreeing to wear a wire while having private conversations with Fogle.

Fogle was the subject of a raid at his Indiana home on Tuesday, where authorities investigated various documents and electronic devices. The raid was in connection to the child pornography case involving Russell Taylor, the former head of Fogle’s charity. Taylor was arrested two months ago after being caught with over 400 pornographic videos featuring children as young as 9 years old.

“Many of these videos showed the exposed genitals or pubic area of the children,” court records stated. The minors reportedly were unaware that they were being filmed.

So far, Fogle has not been arrested. Subway has, however, cut ties with the former spokesperson after a 15-year relationship. 

“It was the right thing to do, and I was able to do it and I have fortitude to do it,” the woman said of her decision to come forward. “That's the main reason I did this.”

Sources: Daily Mail, New York Daily News / Photo credit: Seattle Pi


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