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Teen Says Subway Won't Hire Her Because Of Tattoos

A Scottish teen says she was rejected from a job at a Subway restaurant because of her tattoos.

Victoria Thomson, 18, interviewed to become a "sandwich artist" at Subway in her hometown of Lanark, Scotland. She thought the interview went well and was excited about the prospect of a job there -- until she found out she was rejected.

Thomson says she didn't get the job because of her tattoos, but management at Subway says that isn't the case.

"As I arrived, I was nervous because I have tattoos on my arms," Thomson told the Mirror. "But I met the manager and saw he had three or four tattoos on his forearms and one on his neck so I relaxed a little."

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"None of his were covered up but I told him I'd have no problems covering mine if needed at work, but he said not to worry because having tattoos was not a problem."

Victoria felt confident she had secured the job, but hours later, she was informed she had not been hired. She reportedly learned from a friend who worked at the store that management had rejected her because of her tattoos.

"I don't understand how having tattoos can stop me from making a sandwich," the frustrated teen said. "I'm furious. I feel I'm being discriminated against for being a girl."

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The store's manager says this is not the case.

"There were other successful candidates for the job," the manager said. "The staff are spreading a lot of rumors and I'm not happy about it."

Subway released a statement about the incident.

"The ­franchisee of the store has informed us the applicant’s physical appearance did not have a bearing on their decision," the statement reads, reports The Sun. "Both the manager and owner of the store also sport prominent tattoos."

Sources: MirrorThe Sun / Photo credit: Mirror

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