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Subway Customer Throws Tantrum Over Meatball Sub (Video)

A Subway customer in Canada threw a temper tantrum after employees told her they were out of meatballs. Another customer filmed (video below) as the woman berated Subway employees who informed her they were out of meatballs after she ordered a meatball sub at a Toronto location of the chain.

The woman told employees that they "should have it available all the time" after being told she could not have the Meatball Marinara sandwich she ordered. 

"And yet somehow, you guys never have it available when somebody comes in to order something," she said. "But you should have it available, that's the f***ing problem. Why don't you have it available?"

When one employee suggested that she order another sandwich, she replied, "It's not what I want."

The irate customer then told the employees that they should either take the sandwich off their menu or put up a sign to let customers know that the sandwich is not available.

The woman continued to rant about the sandwich for several minutes before the video cut off. Other customers watched the intense interaction in silence, choosing not to intervene.

"I'm not being a b****, I don't want to be an a**hole," she told employees. "I get your f***ing life, I get it. But that's f***ing bulls***."

Watch footage of the exchange here:

Sources: Daily Mailn0thingTV/YouTube / Photo Credit: YouTube via Daily Mail

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