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Suburban Residents Shifting Attitudes About Gun Control

The personal politics of U.S. citizens who live in the suburbs are becoming very important to politicians concerned with the issue of gun control. Urban areas have long been in favor of stricter gun laws in order to cut down on the threat of local gun violence. Now, because of the recent string of shooting massacres, suburban residents are starting to think in the same way.

Crucial gun control legislation was defeated in the Senate last week, a move that has many people who were in favor of the bill disappointed. Part of the new bill would have expanded background checks in the hope of preventing criminals and the mentally ill from buying firearms.

The changing attitudes of their constituents are causing some politicians to break party lines. Four Republicans backed last week’s proposal, including three — Sens. Patrick Toomey of Pennsylvania, Mark Kirk of Illinois and John McCain of Arizona — who must take the attitudes of suburban voters into account, according to NPR.

According to a poll conducted by the Associated Press, 52 percent of people living in suburban areas supported stricter gun laws compared with 41 percent of rural residents. The poll also showed that 58 percent of women favored stricter gun laws, compared with 41 percent of men.

Sources: NPR, Delco Times


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