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Substitute Teacher Who Allegedly Showed Up To Class Drunk Goes On Dr. Phil's Show

In February 2014, substitute teacher Michelle Childress made headlines for allegedly showing up to Washington Elementary School in Ada, Oklahoma, so drunk that she could barely stand.

At the time of her arrest, she admitted to an officer that she “drank a little bit before” she came to school, Raw Story reported. Childress denied being intoxicated, though she recently appeared on "The Dr. Phil Show" and changed her story. The episode was aired on Nov. 23, according to "The Dr. Phil Show" website.

Although authorities said that her blood-alcohol content was three times the legal limit, Childress told Dr. Phil that she was taking anti-anxiety medication that “made her dizzy” at the time, and she was receiving medicine for the H1N1 virus, The Daily Mail reported.

“I know I had an alcohol problem," Childress told Dr. Phil on the show. "And I know I drank too much at night. But I did not drink that morning.

"There's no way I'd drink at 8 o'clock in the morning. I'm telling you the truth... I would never drink in the morning.”

Despite her claims, Childress was caught on camera drinking in her hotel room at 11 a.m. before the show was recorded. Childress backtracked and explained that she had a toothache that would require surgery, and this led to her drinking that morning.

Still, Childress, who used to be a full-time teacher, said she was aware she has a substance abuse issue.

“I know I have a drinking problem and I'm owning up to it,” she said. “I am a good teacher. And I know kids like me. And I want to teach again.”

This wasn’t the first time Childress appeared on Dr. Phil's show. In 2008 she was featured on an episode entitled, “I’m Hot, You’re Not!,” where she sought help for becoming violently ill when she saw an obese person eating.

Sources: The Daily Mail, Dr. Phil, Raw Story / Photo Credit: Screenshot/Dr. Phil, The Daily Mail

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