Substitute Teacher That Taped A Student’s Mouth Gets Fired; Principal Now Accused Of Taping Sub’s Mouth


A Michigan substitute teacher has been fired after allegedly duct taping a second grader’s mouth shut. Now, the school principal is being investigated for duct taping the substitute teacher’s mouth as a direct response.

Flint Police Chief James Tolbert confirmed the substitute teacher filed a complaint against Brownell STEM Academy Principal Valeria Shepard on Dec. 11, according to MLive.

While no criminal charges have been filed in connection with the alleged Dec. 3 incidents, the Flint School Board is still investigating.

The former substitute teacher filed a police report accusing the principal of assault. The teacher alleges the principal took tape from a student’s hand and “aggressively placed it on the mouth of [the substitute teacher] causing a laceration to his upper lip,” according to the police report.

Interim Superintendent Larry Watkins alleges, however, that the principal taped the substitute teacher’s mouth shut only after the teacher taped the mouth of a second grade student, reports The Blaze.

Watkins said the school board has contacted a law firm and plans to “take the appropriate disciplinary action regarding the principal’s involvement.”

Tolbert said Tuesday that no charges have been made against Shepard due to insufficient evidence after police investigation. The substitute teacher has not been investigated because there was no complaint filed against him.

School board member David Davenport told MLive that he believes the principal should not face disciplinary action, but the district should report the incident between the substitute teacher and student to the police.

“Really, it shows incompetence on behalf of the administration on not following up,” he said.

This case comes after another substitute teacher in southeast Houston, Texas allegedly duct taped a 5-year-old kindergartner’s mouth last month. Instead of being fired, the teacher was reassigned to another school.

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