Substitute Teacher Fired Over Ted Bundy Question on Geometry Homework?

An Oklahoma mother was disgusted when she discovered questions on her son's geometry homework which referenced serial killer Ted Bundy.

Christina Mattaliano of Tulsa contacted her son’s school over bizarre homework questions that didn’t appear to have anything to do with geometry.

“It references to serial killer Ted Bundy and some guy named Creepy John that watches his neighbors with a telescope,” Mattaliano said.

Her son, who attends tenth grade at Nathan Hale High School, could identify the substitute teacher who handed out the questions only as “Mr. Rodgers.”

One question asked:

"Serial killer Ted Bundy has a 20-foot ladder leaning against his favorite tree. The ladder makes a 64-degree angle with the ground. What distance up the tree does the ladder reach?"

Another from the assignment said:

"Creepy John watches his neighbors with a telescope. Their apartment is 12ft from the ground. John's is 36 ft. If the angle of depression from John's apartment is 47 degrees, how far apart are the two apartment buildings?"

“The first thing that popped into my mind was just it's creepy," said Mattaliano. "I don't know if (the substitute's) trying to be humorous, if maybe that's some of his personal interest. He could have just got to the same root of the problem with just a simple name. It didn't need the description about the serial killer." 

Principal Caleb Starr confirmed the handwritten assignment was created by the substitute teacher, but that he no longer works at the school.

Starr said the point of the assignment was to engage the students by asking colorful questions.

Mattaliano said her tenth grade son didn’t even know who Ted Bundy was.

Bundy raped and killed at least 30 women in at least seven states from 1974 to 1978. Often touted as the model psychopath, Bundy defended himself at trial and he was executed in Florida in 1989.

Mattaliano said she took issue with the questions as a concerned mother and said other parents should also look into what their kids are bringing home from school. Her son, however, didn’t find the questions offensive.

"He's a teenager. He wasn't really too worried about it," she said.

Sources: WPTV.com, KFOR.com


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