Substitute Teacher Duct Taped Chatty Kindergartner’s Mouth


A kindergartner’s mom was shocked when she learned that her 5-year-old son’s mouth had been duct taped by a substitute teacher last month.

Isaiah Greenwood seemed relatively unscarred by the incident, which occurred at Sanchez Elementary School in southeast Houston, Texas, ABC Houston’s Eyewitness News reported.

"The teacher put tape on my mouth," Isaiah said. "It was a tape, and it hurts."

"I'm disgusted with these people," was his mother’s response.

Isaiah’s mother, Melissa Ordonez, said that the sub, Mr. Fematt, put duct tape on Isaiah's mouth on November 5 because he was talking too much. She found out the next day.

"I was mad," Ordonez said. "It was already too late by the time it was stated to us what happened. So I went up to the school this morning and I asked to speak to the principal."

Ordonez expected the teacher to be fired. Instead he was simply reassigned to another school.

The school’s assistant principal, Mr. Garcia, said that Fematt admitted that he "cut a little piece of duct tape and had it placed on his desk as a warning" to students. When Isaiah kept up the chatter, Fernatt “pointed to the tape and Isaiah went and put it on his mouth."

"Putting him in the corner, that's fine,” said Ordonez, who also told the news source that Isaiah has asthma.

"Putting tape over his mouth -- way over the top."

Ordonez has also filed a police report about Fernatt’s so-called “discipline.”

Houston Independent School District released told Eyewitness News in a statement that "Sanchez Elementary School administrators and HISD Police conducted a thorough investigation, but ultimately determined there was not enough evidence to support the allegations made in November against the substitute teacher.”

According to CNN, other parents who got wind of the incident have also called for Fernatt to be fired.

"It makes me feel if he can do this, what else can he do to a child," said parent Christina Cruze.

Sources: Eyewitness News, CNN


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