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Substitute Teacher Accused Of Assaulting Student Who Used A Racial Slur Against Him (Video)

A substitute teacher at an Arizona elementary school is under investigation after he pushed an eighth grade student to the ground for using a racial slur against him.

Brett Russell is a substitute teacher at Bernard Black Elementary in Phoenix. He is currently under investigation after an altercation between him and a student was caught on camera (video below), KSAZ reported.

In the video, the teacher and the student are seen facing off. They appear to be exchanging words when Russell suddenly pushes the boy to the ground.

The mother of the eighth grader said she received a phone call at work informing her of the incident. She said police investigated the matter but did not arrest the teacher and she wants to know why.

“I got a pit in my stomach, I got tears, because you do everything to protect your kids, and you don’t send them to school thinking they are going to get hurt,” the boy’s mother told KSAZ. “Thank God my son was OK. He could have hit his head, he could have gotten a concussion.”

The boy refused to speak on camera but he did admit to using a racial slur on Russell before being taken down. Still, the mother does not believe that justifies the teacher’s actions.

“I don’t care what words comes out of a child’s mouth, no one should ever put their hands on a child like that, it’s unacceptable,” the mother continued. “I want to press charges; I want him arrested.”

The school did not release a statement regarding the matter because the investigation is ongoing.

Sources: KSAZ, Florida News Time

Photo Credit: Screenshot from YouTube


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