Substance Abuse Counselor Who Drove Drunk With Dying Man On Her Car Scheduled To Be Sentenced In June


Sherri Lynn Wilkins, the substance abuse counselor who drove drunk, hit a man, and drove with him stuck on her windshield for two miles, will have to wait another few months to be sentenced after being convicted of second-degree murder earlier this year.

On November 24, 2012, Wilkins, 52, was driving her car through a Los Angeles suburb when she struck 31-year-old Phillip Moreno. Wilkins, whose blood alcohol level was more than double the legal limit at 0.17, kept driving after hitting Moreno. Wilkins hit the man so hard that his pants and shoes flew off his body. For two miles, Wilkins drove around with the dying man stuck to her windshield and even called her husband two times during the drive. Finally, a group of onlookers convinced her to pull over, and once she did, Moreno’s chances of living were slim.

Moreno was pronounced dead a short time later, once he arrived at the hospital, and authorities say that if Wilkins had pulled over immediately after the crash, Moreno could still be alive today.

During the trial, Wilkins’ defense team argued that Moreno intentionally jumped in front of the woman’s car, but Deputy District Attorney John Harlan said that regardless of the circumstances, Wilkins made the choice to keep driving with Moreno stuck in her windshield.

“We do not tolerate someone who does not pull over when they see someone on their windshield,” said Harlan following the guilty verdict. “Wilkins consciously disregarded her victim as a human being.”

Wilkins faces 45 years to life behind bars, and although she was already set to be sentenced, a judge has postponed the hearing until June.


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