Sub Teacher Canned After Cell Video Records Profanity-Laced Tirade At Class Full of 8th-Graders

Just a week after a teacher in Los Angeles, Calif., was placed on leave for cursing out a classroom full of kids in a rant  surreptitiously recorded on a student’s cell phone, a substitute teacher in Louisiana has done the same thing — and is now out of a job since a video of her profanity-laced tirade made its way back to the school’s administrators.

The teacher, whose name was not released, was on the full-time substitute list at Glasgow Middle School in Baton Rouge, but after Monday’s colorful outburst, captured on a cell phone video by one of the eighth-graders in the room, she has been removed.

On the video, the teacher can be heard telling students that she is not interested in teaching them if they are reluctant to be educated.

“You don’t want to learn? Get the F**K out,” she is heard to say. “Get your a** out of my m*****f****n’ classroom”

The teacher appeared proud of herself and even implied that this rant was a mild one by her standards.

“If you’re sitting here looking at me in rare form, and you should know, when I was in college and when I was in high school, I was a m*****f****n’ beast.”

"I don't talk to my child like that, she has no good right,” said Terri McLendon, mother of the student who filmed the five-minute rant, and the parent who brought it to school officials’ attention. “She has to handle those kids accordingly. Like you know, send them to the principal's office. None of them deserved to be cursed out like that.”

At one point, the teacher appears to threaten students who dare challenge her, promising some sort of physical retribution.

"I ain't gonna argue with your ass,” she says in the recording. “I’m gonna pop your ass in the mouth, I'm gonna drop your ass."

Other educators, while disapproving of her actions, knew what sparked the now-former-sub’s ire.

“They (students) will try substitute teachers,” former teacher Victor Cooper, now a school administrator,  told WAFB TV. “But if you’re an experienced substitute teacher, a seasoned substitute teacher, you know what they’re trying to do.”



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