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Stupid Deer Hang Around FBI Shooting Range

No one ever said deer were smart, and in Virginia they are particularly stupid. The animals have taken to hanging out on the FBI shooting range in Quantico, just feet away from paper targets.

"They’re pretty immune to the sound. They don’t know what a gun is," said Sean Boyle, whose very long title is, according to The Associated Press, supervisory special agent bomb technician and principal firearms instructor for the Critical Incident Response Group based at the academy.

Boyle said the deer like to graze on top of a berm just 15 feet away from where FBI marksmen fire off more than a million bullets every month. Amazingly, there have been no reports of any deer accidentally being shot.

"It’s like they think, ‘We’ve pushed the limit for this far, and all our generations have pushed the limit for this far,’” Boyle said. “They’re just so docile around here."

Deer are not the only animals roaming around the 547-acre compound. A black bear was spotted a couple of years ago, and there are regular sightings of wild turkeys, foxes, groundhogs and even vultures.

"We’ve had the deer walk across the middle of the track during the 300-meter sprint," said Susann Dreiling, unit chief of the academy’s physical training unit. "They just stand there and watch as if they’re evaluating them, just like the instructors are."


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