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Study: This Year's Black Friday Sales Recycled From Last Year

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While retailers often advertise Black Friday as a unique day of incredible sales, a new study suggests that this year’s prices are no different from those in 2012.

In the study, conducted by personal-finance website NerdWallet, more than 90 percent of ads for Black Friday deals contained the exact same items and prices as last year. Of the 25 retailers studied, 23 had at least one product for sale at the same price as last year.

Some retailers have gone so far as to increase their sale prices from last year. An ad from Target, for example, features a Kitchenaid Classic Plus Stand Mixer for $199 though it sold for $15 less last year.

Aside from the repeated sales, it appears that Black Friday prices can be found during other parts of the year. A Macy’s ad, for example, features a Tommy Hilfiger Jacket for $79.99 though it was priced the same way for their Veteran’s Day sale.

Other sales during the year even beat Black Friday sales. Target’s Kitchenaid Classic Plus Stand Mixer will sell for $199, which is supposedly $30 off its retail price. However, it was priced at $183.99 on Nov. 8.

While deals are priced the same as last year, they at least haven't risen. Thanks to inflation, consumer prices rose 1.2 percent in the year through September.

Sources: The Huffington Post, Nerd Wallet


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