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Study Shows That Your State Of Residency Says A Lot More About You Than You Think (Chart/Map)

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According to a new study from Truity, the state you live in says much more about you than you probably think.

The site, which offers career and personality tests, surveyed 13,000 U.S. citzens to compile the data that determined the traits of people who live in various states. The states were ranked based on psychology's Big Five personality dimensions.

According to the study, residents of Vermont were considered to be the most introverted compared to residents of other states, with Delaware and New Hampshire being the second and third most introverted states. Nevada was found to be the most extroverted state in the country.

Illinois residents were determined to be less creative and more concrete in their thinking, while Rhode Island was deemed the most abstract-thinking state. Curious what the most neurotic state in the country is? According to the study, South Dakota takes that title. 

Check out the chart below to see what your state says about you.

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Sources: Huffington Post, Truity

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