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Study Shows Women Work Harder, Longer than Men

According to a recent study, women employees work harder and longer than men.

The study was conducted by research consultancy Ponemon Institute, and was originally set up to observe the effects of 3M privacy filters on computer screens.

During the ten minute experiment, which took place in offices across the U.S., women consistently proved to work for a longer period of time when compared to their male colleagues.

Even without the privacy filter, women proved to work longer than men.

There were 274 subjects, all working in financial services, consumer products, education, health care and energy. Approximately 53 percent of them were female and 47 percent were male.

When a privacy filter was placed on their computer monitors, females worked 4.9 minutes during a ten minute period. Men worked for 4.3 minutes.

Removing the privacy filter resulted in females working for 2.5 minutes during a ten minute period, and males working for 2.1 minutes.

The study also discovered that women work harder than men. When they were given the opportunity to walk away during the experiment, only 38 percent of women left their desk, while 52 percent of men did.

They also found that men were less productive when they were around a woman. If the researcher and the subject were both male, they worked an average of 3.6 minutes. If they were both female, productivity increased to four minutes.

When the experiment had a female researcher and a male subject, the male worked an average of just 2.8 minutes.



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